How Does A Vending Machine Work?

Normally, when a vending machine is installed, the company you buy or rent it from offers to stock the machines, supply the products and service the machines while they split the costs with you or whatever business is hosting the machine.

This is usually an easy way for them to keep track of their products and their customers but a lot of more goes into the whole process that apparently looks very easy. Let’s take a closer look at the process.

Stocking The Vending Machine

The first and the foremost while also the most logical step is to stock the machine. This can be done by you or by the company you’ve purchased the franchise from.

If you are the one stocking the vending machines, you obtain the products usually from a wholesaler so that you can make a profit on the final retailed cost but either way, this is your input and the basic investment towards your machine.

This process is also helpful for when you eliminate whatever products that you don’t need later as you observe the sales.

Testing The Machine

Now that the machine is stocked, you can put it through the first step. All you do is follow the instructions, put in your money, whether in the form of coins or bills and see if the machine reads them correctly.

While bills are scanned through a laser, the coins are measured for their diameters and thickness to identify them. If this process goes on smoothly and your machine is easily identifying the total or how much and what bills you are feeding it, you can test out your credit and debit cards seeing if they work the same way as they should in a retail situation.

Another thing that you should always test is the way the machine is loading the money. If the bills are being cleanly rolled into spiral coils, you’re good to go but if there are problems with stocking, you would need to go the troubleshoot way.

Collecting Returns

Since the money inside the vending machines is stocked and collected manually, there needs to be manual withdrawal and a set schedule. Usually, the companies that stock the machines, collect the proceeds on the same schedule too and later divide the money with the hosting business or you.

A special key is important and required to access the vending machine but the company or the business owns the sole copy so that they end up being the only ones to take out the cash and distribute it with the host.

Credit and debit card returns are usually set up through mail where they have kept a track of and later the withdrawals are performed through checks.

If you were curious about how vending machines work or are thinking of purchasing ones for your business, these are the steps you can follow to find out if the machine is in pristine condition or not.

Having a vending machine installed is a very simple job as you can see from the three steps and required little more than a few phone calls.