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We have created a niche in providing custom vending machine to our Singapore customers. The top quality of our products and our services has made us a distinguished brand name synonymous with the best in the vending industry.

We have several options for you

We care for your requirements. We know that different customers have different choices in mind when they are looking for a vending machine. So in order to fulfill your demands we have come up with different unique solutions based on your requirements. We have mentioned below some of our excellent solutions laid out in categories.

1. Vending machine for cold refreshments and canned products

This vending machine is just perfect for anyone looking to buy refreshments drinks. You can choose from a variety of different drinks such as coffee, chocolates, water, fruit juice and energy drinks

2. Vending machine for snacks

We provide this vending machine which is apt for placing different types of snacks. Being a health conscious company we have included a large number of healthier snacks. By doing so we are able to promote a healthier lifestyle to our customers.

3. Vending machine with LCD touchscreen

We know the fact that advanced technology is a must for delivery of fast results. This vending machine has that feature in form of interactive LCD. The unique thing about the machine is that it could be modified from normal drinks and snack dispensing machine to the one that is able to dispense gifts, stationery, and many more such items. It is perfect for places such as malls and airports.

4. Vending machine with combo features

We present this machine for our customers who want to enjoy the combo benefits. You can use this machine to combine both drinks and snacks. It is perfect for places such as hotels and big corporate offices. The combo advantage has made this machine favorite among the customers.

5. Vending machine for hot and cold drinks

Our hot and cold drinks vending machine is best for serving different types of drinks with variety in cup sizes. It has buttons that are used for making adjustments in cream and sugar levels as per your liking. Credit amount and vending sign indicators are provided on this machine to make your job easier.

Long functional life and excellent quality

Our vending machine delivers high performance for years without any defects. Their robust performance for a long time gives it an edge and makes it a quality product. In addition to this best material has been chosen for the manufacturing process that further gives it a qualitative edge.

Less Maintenance

We provide machines that are known for delivering great performance at optimum efficiency for years. These consume the least electricity. As a result, our machines require the least maintenance as compared to similar ones available in the market. Thus maintenance costs are cut drastically.

Available in different specifications

We provide the vending machine in several specifications based on your requirements. All the specifications are thoroughly verified to ensure that these reflect the latest trends.

Round the clock and excellent customer support

We provide top class customer service for all our products. You would get complete support regarding repair, maintenance, warranty and other aspects related to our products. We work round the clock to solve product related issues. Just contact our skilled experts and we would be pleased to help you out. We provide extensive training to them to sort out all product related issues.

Compliance with industry standards

We ensure that all our vending machine products and related services are as per industry standards. Till date, no complaints have been received on our products. We always welcome feedback from our clients to improve the quality of our products and services. Our unique solutions have set the benchmark in the industry. So if you want a quality vending machine that is customizable at an affordable price, do contact us.